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In September, 2003 my lovely wife, Kristen, ordered a set of plans for the construction of a Cozy Mark IV as a combined gift for the year. Soon thereafter, plans #1199 arrived.  THANK YOU KRISTEN!!!

We did a lot of looking at different designs before deciding on the Cozy. The things we wanted were as follows:
  1. Bring along the whole family (hopefully 4 soon) carrying enough luggage for weekend excursions.
  2. Have the range and speed to make the contiguous 48 accessible in a day from our home in Wisconsin.
  3. Have relatively low operating costs.
  4. Require no large (>$10k) cash outlays to start the build.
  5. Have assurance that parts will always be available.


Numbers 4 and 5 pretty much eliminated anything but plans built aircraft. Number 1 narrowed the field to the Cozy or the Bearhawk. Living in West Central Wisconsin makes a short field aircraft like the Bearhawk was very tempting. However, the Cozy is enough better at Number 2 that the canard won out.

As we proceed to the build stage of our plane, I will try to keep this page current with some of the information pertinent to our project.

Project Status:

We have the plans, and are currently updating them as per the newsletters. We will order the first round of materials as soon as our current project of refitting our 26' cabin cruiser is complete. Hopefully that will happen late in the summer of 2004.

Like many other Cozy builder sites out there, I have organized the pages detailing our build progress by plan chapter:

  1. Description and Info
  2. Bill of Materials
  3. Education 
  4. Building the Fuselage Bulkheads
  5. Building the Fuselage Sides
  6. Assembling the Fuselage
  7. Fuselage Exterior
  8. Headrests and Seatbelts
  9. Landing Gear and Landing Brake
  10. Building the Canard (20040626)
  11. Building the Elevators (20040224)
  12. Canard Installation
  13. Nose, Nosegear and Rudder/Brake Pedals
  14. Building the Center Section Spar
  15. Building the Firewall
  16. Installing the Control System
  17. Installing the Trim System
  18. Installing the Canopy and Turtleback (20040701)
  19. Building the Wings, Ailerons, and Wing Attach
  20. Building the Winglets and Rudders
  21. Building the Strakes, Fuel Tanks, and Baggage Space
  22. Installing the Electrical System
  23. Installing the Engine
  24. Installing Covers and Fairings
  25. Finishing (Painting, etc.)
  26. Installing the Upholstery

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