Chapter 18

Installing the Canopy and Turtleback

This chapter deals with the installation of the canopy and the turtleback. The turtleback forms the top of the fuselage over the rear passenger compartment. The steps are as follows:
  1. Turtleback
  2. Canopy
  3. Fuselage Front/I.P. Cover
  4. Gas Spring/Latches/Access Door/Air Vents

(July 1, 2004)
Kristen and I took a short trip down to Rochester, MN to visit a couple of Cozy Mark IV builders and to pick up a turtleback jig offered by one of the builders, Mr. Bittner. Bob Bittner and Pete Smith are both building Cozys in Pete's very nice, large shop. They are at similar stages - in the process of installing the engines. I got a good look at both planes as well as a look/drool at Pete's BMA EFIS 1 with autopilot.

We had a tire blow out coming into town. Pete was kind enough to truck me down to the local tire store to get it replaced so we wouldn't have to drive home on the low-speed spare. Thanks Pete.

Both of your planes look great guys. I look forward to hearing about your flights soon. Many thanks for the hospitality and the jig.

In the tradition of canard builders, the turtleback jig is available to anyone who may need it. Just contact me. I may even deliver it for free if time permits and you don't mind chatting about your project for a while.